Grant’s Creek Baptist Church has one of the oldest and most storied histories of any Baptist church in the state of Alabama. Prior to the founding of the church itself, one of the state’s oldest Sunday Schools was organized as the Grant’s Creek Sunday School Society on February 3, 1828. Then two months later a small group of Baptists met for the purpose of constituting a church. A month afterward, on May 3rd, 1828, the group reconvened and constituted the new church, consisting of ten whites and four slaves.

The early years of Grant’s Creek’s life and ministry proved to lay a foundation for the Kingdom of God’s expansion until this very day. In 1833, the new and struggling Alabama Baptist Convention met at Grant’s Creek, with one topic of discussion being the founding of an institution of higher learning. It was the result of that meeting and perhaps others that the institutions of Howard College (now Samford University) and Judson College were birthed. Grant’s Creek was the home church of Martha Foster Crawford, one of the first Southern Baptist missionaries to China. Along with husband Tarleton, Martha faithfully served Christ there for 57 years, and at one point was a mentor to a new young missionary named Lottie Moon. Lottie Moon later became perhaps the greatest missions advocate in Southern Baptist Convention history. In those early years Grant’s Creek had the joy of planting three other churches in the Fosters/Ralph community, New Hope Baptist Church, Bethel Baptist Church, and Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

Grant’s Creek worshipped in its original building until 1968, when it was replaced by the current sanctuary. A Christian Life Center was completed in 1998. The church currently has approximately 500 resident members